About VLVS TV Network


About Viva-La-Vida! Success TV Network

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(Please note this is a new site and some sections are still under construction. We apologize fo any inconvenience, but we appreciate your patience as we develop this! If you would like to be considered to have a channel here, or if you see any errors on your channel, please do not hesitate to contact us)



VLVS TV Network is online and one of the multi-media programs of Viva-La-Vida! Success www.VivaLaVidaSuccess.com to connect, equip, educate and celebrate your personal and professional legacy success! This is founded by Claudia Santiago www.ClaudiaSantiago.com

In our network you will find:

We offer stations, channels and shows featuring various live, video and other media producers and broadcasters! Each can be selected in our drop down menu. We update these with new content periodically. Please see descriptions below:

Channels – [Click Here to see all Channels and Choose ]

  • Each channel has a profile that features a broadcaster or broadcasting group where you can find out more about them and their shows/ broadcasts and their products/services. Enjoy their content and connect with them online and offline!

Shows and Show Series

  • Each channel will have individual shows and/or show series that you can watch on your own time and/or connect with the broadcaster to find their live broadcast!
  • These shows may be replays of livestream shows and/or pre-recorded videos



The Stations at VLVStv Network are a collection of channels with focused interests.

[Station: VLVS Live  – click here]

  • The Stations are strategically focused with VLVS categories – ie:
    • REVIVE LIVE VIDA! – health/wellness
    • EMPOWER STRATEGIC SUCCESS – business/leadership, entrepreneurship,
    • BELLA VIDA! WOMEN EMPOWER – women in media/professionals, leadership
    • MI CASA ES TU CASA LIFE – home/family/life/relationships/cooking, home decor/style
    • VIVA-LA-STAGE! – performers/musicians/speakers/producers,
    • VIVA-LA-CREATIVES! – fine artists/designers/writers
    • VIVA-LITTLE-HALEY! – childrens’ stories/music/games/events
    • BELLA VIDA! LIFE – luxury life/travel
    • CRITICAL EDGE MEN – men in leadership
    • VIVA-LA-LEGACY! – 65+ significance and legacy builders


Let’s Connect!

To connect with Claudia Santiago: www.ClaudiaSantiago.com

Get access to all our tracks Viva-La-Vida! Success: www.VivaLaVidaSuccess.com



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