About VLVS TV Network


About Viva-La-Vida! Success TV Network


VLVS TV Network is online and a divisin of Viva-La-Vida! Success Founded by Claudia Santiago. In our network you will find:

We offer stations, channels and shows featuring various broadcasters! Each can be selected in our drop down menu. We update these with new content periodically. Please see descriptions below:

Channels – [Click Here to Choose ]

  • Each channel has a profile that features a broadcaster or broadcasting group where you can find out more about them and their shows/ broadcasts and their products/services. Enjoy their content and connect with them online and offline!

Shows and Show Series

  • Each channel will have individual shows and/or show series that you can watch on your own time and/or connect with the broadcaster to find their live broadcast!
  • These shows may be replays of livestream shows and/or pre-recorded videos



The Stations at VLVStv Network are a collection of channels with focused interests.

[Station: VLVS Live  – click here]

  • The Stations are strategically focused with VLVS categories – ie:
    • REVIVE LIVE VIDA! – health/wellness
    • EMPOWER STRATEGIC SUCCESS – business/leadership, entrepreneurship,
    • BELLA VIDA! WOMEN EMPOWER – women in media/professionals, leadership
    • MI CASA ES TU CASA LIFE – home/family/life/relationships/cooking, home decor/style
    • VIVA-LA-STAGE! – performers/musicians/speakers/producers,
    • VIVA-LA-CREATIVES! – fine artists/designers/writers
    • VIVA-LITTLE-HALEY! – childrens’ stories/music/games/events
    • BELLA VIDA! LIFE – luxury life/travel
    • CRITICAL EDGE MEN – men in leadership
    • VIVA-LA-LEGACY! – 65+ significance and legacy builders


Let’s Connect!

To connect with Claudia Santiago: www.ClaudiaSantiago.com

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